What is a Skiguide

To become a SKIGUIDE in Austria you work a couple of years as a skiinstructor,

and than you have to do special courses to get the licence as a Skiguide. Over the past few years Skiguiding got more and more popular because there was a big break in Alpin Skiing when the Carving Ski conquered the market. Skiing is now much easier to learn as years ago because the skies are much shorter and the shape of the new "Carving" ski makes it easier for you to turn. Broken bones rarely happen but strained or torn ligaments more often appear because of the extreme shape of the skies. More and more people decide to get professional help on the slopes to get more safety and to get the skiing more enjoyable. A Skiguide skies with his Clients On and Off-Piste.

I would like to take distance of some " so called " Guides who are more and more seen in the Alpes ( sometimes with big travelgroups ) and without any licence or qualification.