Film - Skiguiding For Adults

Skiguiding For Adults

It is advisable to do some sport before you go on a ski vacation.

Here a few tipps to get fit for skiing !

* 1-2 month before your ski holiday you should start doing some exercise.

* Start with walking 2-3 km per day.

* After a while try to do some jogging to get your leg muscles ready for the slopes. 3 times a week would be ideal !

* Do some knee bends (squats) to get your upper leg muscles fit.

* For your calve muscles - go into standing position and push yourself upwards with your toes. Do that about 15-20 times 3 times in a row.

* Get your shinbone muscles ready by putting a heavy book on your front foot (toes) and lift your toes up by standing on your heels. 15 times is ideal !

These are just some exercises you could do to get ready for the slopes ! Your muscles will thank you once you hit the slopes and you will have much more enjoyment and progress on your ski holiday.